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Michael is a social search ecosystem consultant. His passion is Online Message Broadcasting through traffic net building.


This is cool #pearsehash vocabulary Four URLs, Limitless Apps: separation of concerns in the Homer Multitext architecture CITE Collections, Annotations, Triples and Named Graphs Sample implementations CITE Collection Service – Google Fusion Groovy Servlet based implementation of the CITE Collection … Continue reading

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Why Earn Posts?

I have seen at least 5 SEO Proposals lately that suggest creating content and then waiting. What are we waiting? Oh It seems we are waiting for links magically appears. Articles such as Claim: Give websites a compelling reason … Continue reading

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Semantic Optimization A Must

Kevin Polley has been kind enough to keep me up to date on the multitude of changes being experience through the internet. As I continue to test new theories in Search Engine Optimization it becomes increasingly apparent that ignoring these … Continue reading

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More RDFa

Kevin Polley pointed out some exciting news: Enough Breadcrumbs to Feed a Hungry Search Expert. 223,814,124 of them to be more precise. The WebDataCommons RDFa, Microdata, and Microformat data sets extracted from the November 2013 Common Crawl have been released. … Continue reading

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Do Social Signals Help Sites Rank for SEO?

We Have Examined Hundreds of Social Profiles and SERP landscapes so we say YES! Google’s Panda update wreaked havoc on tons of websites that used to rank well on search engines from near perfect optimization, causing the loss of hundreds … Continue reading

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Page Load Time and SEO

Panda is fully integrated into Google search and it is a particularly nasty filter to have applied to your website. Furthermore there is indication that Panda and Penguin combine to produce and “Uber Penalty” effect. Some say this means a … Continue reading

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Current and Future PBNs

Current network tactics are not full tactics when used in the current PBN state nor are they future proof. Today’s practices include creating a website on an aged domain, adding a few articles or even many non-topical articles then letting … Continue reading

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Updated Social Data Hub Info

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Why You Need To Monitor Data Hub Usage

There is mounting evidence that user metrics and social signals are playing an ever increasing role in how Google determines website quality. While I do not believe Google Analytic data is used directly to rank web content, I do think … Continue reading

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Inbound Marketing

Wikipedia on Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing utilizes proper market research coupled with content production and distribution to earn consumer attention. Pearse Consulting specializes in Destination Marketing, a form of Inbound Marketing that leverages industry news to build authority and increase … Continue reading

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