Why Earn Posts?

I have seen at least 5 SEO Proposals lately that suggest creating content and then waiting. What are we waiting? Oh It seems we are waiting for links magically appears.

Articles such as http://www.cio.com/article/750926/Link_Building_Strategies_and_Tips_for_2014?page=2&taxonomyId=3060

Give websites a compelling reason to link to you. Content marketing continues to be an important focus these days, because compelling and useful content often earns valuable links, said Mark Munroe, director of SEO for real estate site Trulia. You “ask” for links by creating a site, content and features that will “organically generate links,” he added.
It’s OK to ask for links — if you do it the right way. It can still be worthwhile to request a link to your site, according to Strong. When you make your request, though, don’t come right out and ask for a link. Instead, ask if the site might provide a mention of your site and provide the URL you want as the link.

It interests me that supposed pros would suggest waiting when there is obviously a quicker way toward ROI.

2 cent rant.

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