Semantic Optimization A Must

Kevin Polley has been kind enough to keep me up to date on the multitude of changes being experience through the internet. As I continue to test new theories in Search Engine Optimization it becomes increasingly apparent that ignoring these changes severely hamper any attempts at futuring. The course at is a must in my opinion. It has been put together with the common SEO in mind and a great place to start gaining the knowledge you will need to survive the future of Search. Social Search Ecosystem Optimization (SSEO) is quickly becoming Social Semantic Ecosystem Intergration and the Broadcasting methods of Network Empire are obviously becoming the mindset needed for that integration.

Often referred to as the “semantic web”, the way Google and other search engines are trying to maximize the value of their displayed search engine results pages (SERP) through algorithms that are focusing increasingly on natural language and synonymic phrasing rather than link flooding and page rank. Put simply, this new approach will likely have the largest impact on Google’s SERPs in the company’s history. Nevertheless, there are further changes coming to Google that will make much of the current state of SEO obsolete due to the heightened focus on latent semantic indexing in developing various aspects of the aforementioned semantic web. read more

Another thing I found interesting is that Kevin has taken the initiative and begun creating Semantically Integrated custom WordPress themes:

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